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Relax in a calm Japanese-style restaurant. Yuta's original technique extreme pressure carefully approaches stiffness deep in customers. Relax in mind and body in a completely private room. Even after the treatment, the body that has been solidified becomes soft and fluffy. ◎ Changing clothes / tea free. Various cure.

Please leave the manipulative massage of both countries to "Yuta"!


Relax your stiffness with Yuta’s unique original technique “extreme pressure massage”.

Why do everyone choose Yuuta?

Because power press

We perform treatment based on “extreme pressure massage” that can firmly approach stiffness lurking deep inside.

Every day, it gradually penetrates deeply into the hardened stiffness of the PC work and loosens the stiffness.

Yuuta’s treatment is relatively difficult to rub back.

As an effect obtained by Yuuta’s extreme pressure massage,

  • Reducing Sholder pain.
  • Reducing waist pain.
  • Stress free.

We provide an environment and treatments that can relax your mind and body.

Almost fully private room

We try to create a relaxing environment for our customers.

24hours can online reserve anytimes

Yuuta has introduced a 24-hour online reservation.
You can make a reservation directly from the web.

24 hours online booking

The only late-night shop in both countries!

Even those who are near the last train on the way home from work are open until midnight at peace of mind! (Last reception at 22:00)

Check the phone by all means because we sometimes have a loss time business!

Those who have been lacking exercise recently

Recently, this state is much more common.

People in their 30s tend to work more often than in their 20s. Therefore, many people do not have time to exercise. If you do not exercise, your body will be tired easily and it will be easier to accumulate stress. Body and mind are two sides of the same coin. You can experience the synergistic effect that works on the mind and body that stiffens can be relaxed comfortably by manipulating.

The body is, as the name implies, a course that involves performing a full body treatment **.

Peel off Yuta’s unique scapula and slowly rotate your shoulders to relax your muscles.

Those who have painful eyes and body after prolonged computer work

Being in the same posture for long hours of PC work places a heavy burden on the waist and shoulders. Causes not only severe and tired eyes but also a headache. Yuuta aims to relieve and improve eye strain and headaches by using a manipulative treatment that loosens stiffness from the core of the body.

【Promote blood circulation of face and head] Manipulative body and head / face 60 minutes course

In addition to the full-body course, the treatment around the head and eyes will be performed carefully.

After the treatment, it is very popular when the visibility becomes clearer.

Those who have painful swelling in standing work

If you do not move your feet, blood will continue to accumulate below. Then, water containing waste products that should return to the heart naturally seeps out and becomes swelling. If this continues, it will lead to lazyness.

[For foot swelling ◎] Body and oil foot 60 minutes course

It is a course that carefully flows oil from the sole to the knee.

The swelling, which is a waste product, will be removed from the toes to the heart. After the treatment, the feet warm and warm!

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